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Ciso Talk – EP12 – TechStrong TV

Ciso Talk – EP12 – TechStrong TV


“Security Tech – The Future of Workforce Cybersecurity”

Our hosts Alan Shimel and Mat Newfield are joined by Cristine Gollayan, Karen Moore, Joel Fulton, and Mitch Ashley to discuss how the new normal for cybersecurity professionals is anything but normal and the many challenges the come with it. Is our cybersecurity risk insurance adequate? How secure is the home network of an employee? How can we be sure we aren’t negatively impacting other devices on the home network? How do we, or should we, enforce policies such as keeping routers, Wi-Fi access points, computers, gaming devices, tablets, IoT devices, and more? Join our panel of cybersecurity leaders and experts as we examine these questions and more.

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Date: March 15, 2021


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