EP 264: Walkme, the Digital Adoption Platform

EP 264: Walkme, the Digital Adoption Platform


Walkme recently announced a funding round of 90 million dollars bringing their total raise to over $300 million. But according to Rephael Sweary, that is great but the real measure of Walkme’s success is their annual reoccurring revenue being over a $100m (which it is) and whether or not that company is helping their customers.

In the case of Walkme, that are business’s undergoing digital transformations and are looking to accelerate their digital platform adoption.

Walkme has been a tremendous success no matter what yardstick you use. Listen to Rephael to understand better his view of the world and what is important for the coming times ahead.

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Guest(s): Refael Sweary
Date: January 17, 2020
Categories: DevOps Chats 2020
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