DevOps Unbound Roundtable 1 – DevEverythingOps

DevOps Unbound Roundtable 1 – DevEverythingOps

1h 2m

We won’t bore you with all the reasons DevOps requires alignment across business, development, testing, security, and of course operations. That’s established. But the real question is how to coordinate all these elements at the enterprise level—beyond the high-performing DevOps native teams and across the ones with vastly different cultures, application stacks, and compliance requirements. Join us in this first DevOps UnBound Roundtable to learn hear from the leaders across all aspects of BizDevTestSecOps to come together for an open discussion about:

  • The top challenges that “legacy” Dev, Sec, Test, and Ops teams face as things suddenly speed up, and the chain reactions that they cause
  • What strategies and best practices can we “lift and shift” from the early-adopter DevOps groups and what challenges truly require reinvention for scale
  • The key friction points and frustrations that arise between the “sides”—and the outcomes of different attempts to resolve them
  • Often-overlooked opportunities for collaboration between the “sides” and the skillsets required to foster this
  • How IT leaders can help (or hurt) the cause
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Date: August 18, 2020
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