DevOps Unbound Roundtable 2 – Fitting SAP into a DevOps world

DevOps Unbound Roundtable 2 – Fitting SAP into a DevOps world


SAP and DevOps were born of distinctly different worlds, but those two worlds have now collided. The SAP core, an organization’s SAP customizations, and all the connected applications are growing inextricably intertwined as SAP plays a larger role in digital transformation. What’s needed to make SAP a successful—and integral—part of the DevOps culture and CI/CD pipelines?

That’s the challenge our panel of experts will tackle in this roundtable. Join us—with your own questions and concerns—as we explore issues such as:

What are the most important things for SAP experts to know about DevOps—and for DevOps teams to know about SAP?
What are the top friction points when SAP is invited to the DevOps party? What are some ways to combat this resistance?
What are the risks and rewards of transitioning SAP to shorter, more frequent release cycles?
How do you mix, match, and marry specialized SAP tools with “best of breed” DevOps toolstacks?

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Date: September 22, 2020
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