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Eric Skinner, Trend Micro | RSA Conference 2022

Eric Skinner, Trend Micro | RSA Conference 2022

Eric Skinner, VP of market strategy at Trend Micro, joins Alan Shimel at RSA to discuss Trend Micro One, a new unified cybersecurity platform that pulls together the many components of cybersecurity. Using extended detection and response (XDR) and attack surface management, Trend Micro can serve a wider customer base filled with both small and large organizations. Trend Micro One’s attack surface management feature helps customers by discovering the attack surface, assessing the risk and mitigating the threat. Eric and Alan also discuss automation and how it’s an integral part of the process for Trend Micro. Finally, they dive into the philosophy of zero-trust and how important it is for the cybersecurity platform.

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Guest(s): Eric Skinner


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