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Loris Degioanni, Sysdig | RSA Conference 2022

Loris Degioanni, Sysdig | RSA Conference 2022

Loris Degioanni, CTO and co-founder of Sysdig, joins Charlene O’Hanlon at RSA to give information about the company and discuss modern security topics. Sysdig provides a full-featured security platform for modern applications. Its mission is to make every cloud deployment secure and reliable. Loris believes that as more businesses enter digital transformation initiatives, they are realizing that their sensitive data and applications are relying on the software and cloud-native technologies they’re using. That realization is driving the need for a better understanding of the importance of security. Charlene and Loris discuss the speed of cloud-native technologies and how their evolution means that modern security must also constantly evolve to keep up. Loris also shares the biggest security concerns expressed by Sysdig’s customers.

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Guest(s): Loris Degioanni


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